एक ‘अंकल’ बनने से पहले हर कार शौक़ीन को ये चीज़ें ज़रूर करनी चाहिए…

Increasing the age of human beings is one such truth that can not be denied and with it there are serious responsibilities in your life. If you are a car enthusiast, you must definitely do these things before becoming an ‘Uncle’.

Cross country drive

Visiting your trip opens your mind. A cross country drive in your car is a great way to roam your favorite speed in your beautiful country. So if you have not already done this, start now. A good trip will be KK, Kanyakumari in the south and drive north to Kashmir.

Put a sturdy spoiler in your car

This is just for fun. Putting a sturdy spoiler in your car will present you as a freak, but you are trying to do the same here, go to the extent of your insanity. So put a big spoiler on your car’s boot or hatch lid and see if you will be surprised to see you among the laughing moments.

Go on track de

Going on track decks and cutting a few rounds on the track gives a hormone rush that keeps you connected to you for many years. A car can not be a better way to experience it at its maximum. It is not too expensive, and if we believe it, then start it.

Drive to the world’s rooftop

India is covered with some of the highest mountains in the world. To reach such places where the view is like Nirvana, you will have to go through high mountain passes, some of them are the highest in the world. Getting to Khardung La sitting in your car is something that you can look up for years.

Learning essentials

You do not have to be a mechanic to change your car’s tire and wiper blade and check fluid level. Think if you are trapped on a deserted road, and your tire has been punctured, on such occasions this small skill can prove to be crucial between your life and death.

Applying for a Commercial Driving License

This is such a thing that people around you can be quite impressed. It does not matter whether or not you have ever rolled a Volvo bus or Tata truck, people are considered to be very ‘cool’ just by showing their commercial vehicle driving license.


But do not do it on your low-floor Volkswagen Polo. Instead, you can enroll in Mahindra’s Adventure Academy, where you can take the iron with mud and stones while riding Thar Off Roadr. Or you can go to the Great Escape event, which takes a Mahindra SUV to the day you are hired. Warning: off-roading addiction may take place.

BMW or Mercedes Running Benz

The self-driving car rental has now come to India and the best thing about these services is the luxury car offered by them. Walking in the BMW 3 Series or Mercedes Benz A-Class in the city at the age of 22 is a big cool thing. What are you waiting for?

Going to a stretch or limo in a party

Get into a party in a stretch or limousine, and the larger the car, the better. Yes, drinks must be done in Limo so that your party can become after party. Nothing better than roaming in a black flasher limo.

Buy a classic …

And make this your project car. An old Maruti 800 can also look beautiful like this. Hindustan Contessa can also become such. So buying a cheap project car and making a good car can be a very satisfying task.